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Date: August 4th 1917
Ivy Redman (Sister)
George Redman

B Company
1st C.C.D.
Aug 4/1917

My Dear Sis

I was very pleased to recieve your letter of the 2nd Aug and to know you were having a holiday. I wish I had been there with you. I had a very nice time when I was on leave, sailing on the river, driving, and running out in uncles car. I was all over the place, it was the first time I had been there in the summer time, and it is a fine place, I am sure you will like it. How long holiday did you have. Well Sis this completes the third year of the war and its still going on as had as ever, I believe it will see another winter yet, I do hope I will not have to spend another out there.

By this time you will know that I have had the money I believe acknolaged it from Ramsgate. I hope the other will soon be here as I am pretty well down again, they pay does not go anyway here now as things are so dear food especially and thats what we need most. Hastings being a summer resort it is worse but it will be better when I get down to the base as they pay every two weeks, sometimes it goes three here, sometimes we get a pound and others two. I have had word from both Eric and Leslie and they are well, but not from Russell for quite awhile, so do not know just where he is. How do all the folks get on at home. Pleased to hear that they are all looking well, expect I will not know them by the time I get back. We have had very wet weather for the past week, but to day is lovely and very hot, there are crowds of people here from London for the Aug bank holidays, every Hotel and boarding house is full up. Had a letter from Milly today saying that Aunt Eva is worse and is expecting to go under an operation, she has been in bed ever since I was on leave last year, when I was down last she felt quite a lot better but was awfully weak. Well Sis I hope you will have an easier time than you had last year, and your work a little more pleasant, sincerely hope it will be as successful. Hoping this will find you in the best of health

Your Loving Bro
G. H. Redman

Please put Lance Corporal G. H R on my letters as I was checked up about that the other day.

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