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Date: May 4th 1918

France May 4th 1918

Dear Sister;

Pleased to receive your letter of April 6 - 9th this morning so we'll answer it at once [?]. In regard to Alderson Smith and his account I do not know what to do about the cost of the water installation. I think you have a letter I wrote at home saying I would only pay so much either $ 3.00 or $ 4.00 of a [?] of it. Anyway think Father had better write him and tell him that as the property is in dispute, I cannot pay more than half of the cost of the installation of the water say $ 6.50 which should be quite fair considering that the rent is very low and that the rental was made without water being included. This also on condition that this installation is a fixture and not to be removed. I think this is about the best thing to do and whatever is written should be in duplicate. I left a box of carbon paper at home some place in a red box. He went into the house July 15th 1916 so in July coming two years will be up making a total amount due of $ 96.00 from which is to be taken the amount he has paid and the amount allowed for installing the water, and the remainder is [?].

Had a letter from Isabel today too and she have me news from [?]. In regards to second addresses these are not required now as one is al that is necessary. I have heard since this order had been cancelled. So Mr. Marshall called. You would have a chance to compare notes and I suppose his son will have word of it too in his next letter. I left the other place on the 1st and am now in the old cellar again. It is not the same one we had before but one they moved into a day or so after I left then about a month ago. It is larger and better in many ways. Marshall has gone back to take my place so we are still separated but have a third party in the dugout who came over when I did. He was a 64th Sergt. Too and has been in the battery all the time. Expect he will only b e here temporarily. For the present I am doing observation work which means going to the observation post to watch for any developments and to engage any targets we may see go there every third day at present, and it is interesting work if the visibility is good. They are generally places which command a good view of the enemy territory and are liable to be everywhere. Tomorrow I stay for the twenty four hours and there is also an officer in charge and two telephonists. I do not know how Marshall will like his work. He is just beginning but of course had some instructions in January when I did. Pleased to hear of the two boxes coming and they will be devoured with relish. Thanks will be forthcoming when they arrive. It is very nice to get these parcels coming along unexpectedly. Read the story you sent and though it very good.

Pleased to get the watch or to hear it is coming. That is a pretty hard knock on Chalmers Choir or the watch. Went to a short service last Sunday right beside the guns. It was the first I had been at since I left England. Seem to be on duty generally. Sorry I cannot send anything back to Canada very well as the postage is very high and it is quite a lot of trouble as they are very particular what goes. My wrist watch is still going so will not send it at present. So Eliz is still talking O Seas. She will be getting away yet. Have not heard from her lately. Did you get a letter with some cards in it from me lately? Am writing Isabel today or soon in regard to a copy of the paper "Canada" and she will probably send it to your. There is a picture in it of interest.

Expect the next letter I receive will be from the camp or [?] yet.

Well I think this is about all just now. Will write again in a few days time.

Love to all

P.S. Send this onto Isabel when read. Will write here soon as well.

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