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Date: October 2nd 1944
Mother Nelson

722 Kings Rd.
Victoria, B.C.
Oct. 2nd 1944-

Dear Alfred-

I have sent your Xmas. box off, hope you receive it, as I sent you a nice Xmas box with our cake in it. I see by the paper where they have had a fired, now I hope yours is safe, so let me know if you receive it. I hope you are well and getting around again. Next door had word that Fred has been missing so his mother is quite worried. We have Morris home for four days and how glad we are to have him, there are so many small jobs to do, but worse luck it is raining as I won't get so much done. We have not had any rain for a long time so it is nice to have for a change.

Aunt Edith has been on a trip to New York to visit with Mae, she stayed a week and it would take that to see all the sights there.

Baby Brian is creeping and what a worry he is, into everything, hope he soon walks, had his first hair cut to-day and it did not go as good, kind of scared of the clippers but he is a darling and is growing fast. Well son I do wish you a speed recovery and I do hope to hear from you soon, we are all well at home at the present time, with best wishes and lots of live
Mother Nelson.