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K57235 Pte. A Nelson
‘D.coy.' 18 pla.
Calg. Highls.

Dear Mom-
We have just arrived back off one of the most extensive exercises I have been on yet. It lasted for ever three weeks, & sure looked like the real thin, some of the boys got ¾ the way over to France before turning back. They put on a very stiff censorship even having the pla. commander inspect the mail before leaving the [?]. I didn't write any because I don't like anyone butting in on my personal affairs.

I received the parcel you sent me & boy did it ever go good. They had put us on concentrated rations for 48 hrs. & that sure don't mean much. Just [?] tin of bully 2 oz. cheese, 3 choc. Bars, & a few hard tack , so you don't have to use much imagination to see how handy it was.

Inclosed you will find five bucks I won in a poker game, buy yourself a dress or go to a movie or something with it. Give my love to all.

Love Nelly.

PS- I don't go out with girls any more they them selves women now. Remember?, I'm out of my teens now.