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Date: April 2nd 1917
Ivy Redman (Sister)
Leslie Redman

Somewhere in France

Nurse I.L. Redman
Brandon Man

Dear Sis:

I have at last received your long looked for letter. Dated Feb. 27th. Which you can be sure I was glad to receive it especially when I was wanted to find out whether my asigned pay about started. Very pleased you received so much to start my banken account. It will seem quite a start wont it?

Just received a letter from Dad my I do like to read them tears come to the top everytime. I am glad hear they are all doing well. It will be quite a relief for him he sure had had a hard time to bring us up. And it is up to us to live the life worth while to please him in his older age.

I have never taken the rum that is given out once a day while in the trenches. And I never will And I told Dad that. As I have just finished writting him. And also that I am smoking but my promise is that I will quit on my return to Canada. I do like to think of the ones at home. And Ivy I am proud to say that I have a perfect little lady to think of. And whats more since I landed here I have been engaged to her. But the ring remain to be bought as she think she is rather young to wear it especially while she is going to School. And She is only right. There is a lot of gossip in that district. I know you will have a Sister by law to be proud of. Say she would trust me any place with any-body at any time.

Very Very sorry to hear about your latest boyfriend. But there is one thing we all can say that knew him that he is better off in the land of the blest. Although I for one never conversed with him at all but I had often heard people talk of the work he did for the church when his health permitted him. You and his own relatives have my deepest smpathy.

I do hope they wont stop the mail from Canada as I live for the mail as I don't go out anywhere. And especially since my engagement she writes lovely letter & everytime I get mail I get one & sometimes two. Florence Windrim is her name the only girl in the family of seven boys.

I do hear from home fairly regular & if you find it to much to write us all drop me out as they tell me about you from home. I am very glad to hear you received the first cheque safe. That was the only thing that I was so awfull anxious to hear from you as I know you were keeping well from the folks at home.

I have never heard from Roy since I left Canada & have never written him as I lost his Reg. No.

I remain your Loving Brother Leslie

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