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William Hay
Hilda Hay

569 Yonge St., Toronto, Ontario

My dear Bill:

I got a letter from you today, and I hadn't heard from you for 2 weeks, and neither had your father, so when he told me he got 3 letters on Saturday I felt quite relieved.

That's too bad about you not seeing Stughie again. Have you seen him at all since you've been over there? Gosh, you seen to be having the darndest luck. But it can't last forever.

How is Ken? Gee, hon. I'm terribly sorry to hear about Norm. I don't know whether yo knew I met him or not. He was the youngest in the family too. I bet his mother feels awful.

Kaye & Betty & I are going to the show tonight. "I Love a Soldier" is on at Sheas, and we think it'll be mushy, and I just feel in the mood for a good love story. I hope it is.

I think I told you Betty & I are taking dancing lessons, but just in case I didn't I'm telling you again. At least, it passes the time away, if nothing else.

Charlotte & the baby are staying with your mother for a while (that, I guess you knew) and really you'd think the baby was about 9 months old, gosh I never saw such a big baby.

Well sugar the kids are yelling at me, so I guess I had better go.

Oh by the way dear, it was a year ago today that I last saw you. Remember.

Love Hilda