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William Hay
Hilda Hay

569 Yonge St., Toronto, Ontario

Your father was just showing me some pictures you had sent to him, (of the crew) and I think you took the best picture of all of them, but then of course, I don't what the others really look like, but even so, they couldn't beat you.

Well we went to the horse races last Saturday, and I lost $4.00, but that's not going to stop me, now that I've got the hang of it. So I'm going again next Saturday. I think it's lots of fun. Of course, just because I lost $4.00 doesn't mean that I lost on all the horses that I bet on. I won on three, but I played them to show, so I didn't collect very much. But don't worry dear, I won't get wreckless, I know just when to stop. Thank goodness.

You remember Gloria Agnew? Her father was overseas for five years, and he just came home at the beginning of this month. We had him over to our house, and you should have heard the tales he had to tell. Oh by the way, how do you like the English gals? He had quite a bit to say for them. I mean good. But I've heard a lot against them too. I suppose that wasn't a fare question to ask you, so just forget it.

Fall is certainly here now, I just about froze all day at the Gallery. (Oh excuse me, I mean the ‘Morgue')

(after lunch)

I went home for lunch today, and I got the grandest suprise- three letters from a wonderful fellow, maybe you know him. He's somewhere in England right at present, and oh I almost forget, his name's William O. Hay. If you do happen to run across him, tell him that I'm thinking of him.

Dorothy and your mother are off to New York, so your [....?] and Beverly are looking after each other.

Mom asked to be remembered to you, and she wishes you lots of luck.

Gee, dear, I'm stuck for words, so I guess I will so long for this time,