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William Hay
Hilda Hay

My dear Bill:

Hi dear! What's new? It's the same old thing around here, nothing of any interest.

A lot of things have been happening to the "morgue", and a lot of things are going to happen, from what I hear.

They're going to remodel Grange House, I think. The switchboard is going to be moved out to the front door, between the two turnstiles, and they're going to have it all glassed in. How do you like that? But I don't think I'll be the one to operate it out there. They were asking me today, if I would like to take a stab at being the Secretary for the two girls upstairs, in the Studio, (Margie Tucker and Nancy Stirrett) and also secretary to the Treasurer, and I think I will take it. I don't think I'll be able to stand the switchboard another day. So just keep this under your hat, and I'll let you know just how thinks turn out.

Oh I didn't tell you the most important news of all. We're to have a new arrival in our house. Now don't get funny Joe, it's mother, not me. It isn't until the spring, but I think it's something to get excited about, don't you?

Gee, we've had some grand weather these last two weeks. It has been really perfect. I think it's the best we've had all summer.

Kaye, Betty, and I (the two girls that board at my place) were going to the races last Saturday, at Woodbine, but Betty had to work Saturday afternoon, so she spoiled everything. I've never seen a horse race, and everybody tells me that I don't what I'm missing. So if everything goes well, we're going to see them this Saturday.

A girlfriend of mine got married last April. I don't know what whether I told you about it, or not, but nevertheless she's going to have a blessed event in the spring too, so I spend most of my nights over at her house, because she doesn't like to go out. Isn't that silly? But then, you know these girls. What am I saying? Well we'll just forget that.

You remember Gloria Agnew, the big built girl who was at my house one Sunday night when you were there. It was the night we went to Mad's house, and then Letros' restaurant. Remember? Well anywho she's married now, too. She married a pilot in the airforce.
Well I think I'd better get back to work or I'll be getting my walking ticket.

So long for now,

Loads of luck and love,

Rilla that's what mom calls me now.