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Date: May 10th 1945
William Hay
Hilda Hay

569 Yonge St., Toronto, Ontario


Guess what? I received three letters from my favorite pin-up boy today.

Bill, I think it's grand of you to send me the pencil sketch that friend of yours did. i can hardly wait to see it.

Well now that the war is over in Europe what do they intend to do with you? Let you come home? I hope, I hope.

Everything has calmed down over here.

Really it seems hard to believe that it's really over after all these years. I can still hardly believe it.

Give Mr. & Mrs. Clarke and their offspring my best regards they must be wonderful people. I bet they didn't find it hard to like you though.

I was talking to Bev. today. You've no idea how that kid had grown since you went away. I think she looks like you.

I can't remember whether I thanked you for the two photos of the aeroplanes but if I didn't I want to do so right now. I think they're simply super. Who took them?

Everything is about the same at the "morgue." They've been talking about remodeling and such, but they've been talking about that for ages now so I never pay any attention to it.

I have to look after John now, he's hollering his head off, so I hope you'll excuse me. He's terribly spoiled. He just cries & cries until someone picks him up, but he's a dear.

Tell Len I was asking about him.

Loads of love, Hilda.