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Date: April 2nd 1919
John William Law


My Dear Mother.

I did not write on Sunday as I went out in the afternoon to aunt Susans and yesterday the hospital in Manchester was closed down, the patients (myself included) were moved to Worsley a place about ten or twelve miles out of the city on the other side from Stockport.

I havent been around here much but from what I can gather I believe the place is Lord Derby's estate. For a peace time dwelling it is a lovely residence amongst beautiful grounds but that doesn't compensate for the delay they are making in getting me home.

Aunt Susan is now well again and was out on Sunday for the first time. There has been no mail from home for over two weeks now. I think you must have stopped writing thinking I was on my way home.

The weather has been frosty the past week, with a little bit of snow. In the hospital there is a nice grate fire kept going all day by one of the orderlies, solid comfort for me, perhaps they'll spoil me looking after us to well.

Will write again in a few days.

With love to all

Your loving son


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