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Date: January 9th 1917
John William Law

9 Jan 17

My Dearest Mother:-

I have a lot to tell you this time which will compensate perhaps for the delay.

But just a word before I start. I had a most delightful Christmas, with lots of parcels and eats. I had an hour or so to myself and thought of you all at home and how you were enjoying yourselves.

Two days after Christmas I was allowed ten days leave. I stayed a day in London, had a Turkish bath, clean change etc as I said I would and went up to Glasgow. Joe got leave the same time so we were at his house for New Years.

New Years I went down to see Grandpa and aunt Maggie who were both well, although Grandpa is not altogether better year and in the afternoon went to Hamilton and stayed with Uncle Robert for the night. They to are all well. Have a list of all the Ladies aid etc and will write them all in turn. The parcel was very nice indeed. It just came tonight.

Oh yes. I was going to tell you about the fruit. It rots in the parcel and spoils the rest. I think it would be best not to send it. The camphor doesn't kill bugs at all. They are just as bad as ever and Ive at last come to accept them as part of the Army.

Logan is sick in France with French fever and Aunt Annie was worrying, unnecessarily I thought.

Was not sorry to hear of [?]. I know he's better dead than alive, although he was a fine old man and I would liked to have been with him when he passed away.

So Jack and Bessie have a daughter. Doesn't that beat all. Had a card from Jack announcing the arrival, weight 7 lbs. Im sure if I were in Toronto Id have celebrated with Jack.

So Miss Anderson called. Im sure she must have been awfully quiet if that's all you can tell me about her.

Saw Orvil last night. Hes felling fit as a fiddle. Mrs. Elliot will be glad to hear it I think. He told me he had a letter from Eudora, but she just belly-ached and he wasn't in the humor for it. Ha. Ha. Ha. Thatll hold Eudora for a week anyway.

Well Mother there is nothing more at present, but will write you soon again. With best of love to you all.

Your Affectionate Son


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