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Date: December 9th 1916
Mother and Father
John William Law


December 9 1916

Dear Mother and Father:-

I hope you will pardon the delay in writing for the last week or so. We have been moving about a little which makes it almost impossible to write. However we are now settled down again in very fair quarters, dry at least, in peace country.

There has been nothing much of interest happen. Parcels have been arriving with methodical regularity Nov 5 and 6 have yet to come perhaps they are here tonight as there is a big mail.

You wish to know how I won the military medal. Why Mother, for bravery on the field of course. However that is not saying how scared I was. Briefly, another telephonist and I were forward with one of our officers who was observed for a brigade of artillery during an attack. The officer did such good work in gathering and sending in such accurate and useful information, I guess there was a certain amount of danger too, you know, anyway it came out in orders later that the officer the other telephonist and John were honored.

I had a letter from Joe. He is in the army in the [?] and one from Aunt Agnes who is well as usual.

Aunt Susan Ive heard nothing from for a long while. I must write her. Im so forgetful and careless about correspondence I must admit.

Orvil goes on leave tomorrow. Saw him the night before last. My leave I don't know anything about nor do I care. I think however it will not be long now. In the house in England an order was put through that men with a year's active service to their credit, must be given leave as soon as possible.

I suppose this will just about reach ou when Marion is putting up the Red Bell the house littered with wrapping paper and red ribbon, but littered or not nothing would suit me better than to be there with you and take part in it. However next year it will perhaps be so.

Will close now with best of wishes to you all for a real happy Christmas.

Your loving son


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