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Date: May 12th 1943

HMS Indomitable

May 12, 1943

Dear Dad:

We are still doing plenty of sea time and odd things! Good news of Tunis and Bizerta and now we will have the real crack at the Hun that we have been praying for.

I am certainly hoping that I shall be leading my squadron covering landings etc. when the second front opens - when it will commence of course is not known.

I came down from an exercise the other day and found that I had contracted quite a good sun burn on the back of my neck. Bad for a fighter pilot who should never fly down sun. Took this in a warning light and decided to be a better boy in future. Ha Ha or Haw Haw as we say.

If you could scrounge some cigars for me from time to time they would certainly be appreciated - then the Ltd.Cdr. could sit down at his

(remainder of letter missing)