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Date: September 6th 1942
Mrs. Martyn
Gina Murphy

39 Bury Walk
London S.W. 3

Sunday, September, 6 1942

Dear Mrs. Martyn,

It has been so nice to have Bill back again on leave, and I felt I must write and tell you how well he is looking in spite of all his adventures. He has certainly had lots of excitement during the last year - but he does love it and after just one week is longing to be back at it again.

Everyone was so pleased to see him. He is such a grand lad and very popular with all the people here. He has been around to the house for dinner a couple of times, and we do like him to feel he can come any time - that this is home for him when he is in London. I'm sorry he is not having longer leave - but he's so thrilled to have been given command of a squadron and is just walking on air: He is so enthusiastic about his work.

I know how you must worry about him - but I do feel that he will come through this all right. He is full of life and enthusiasm but is not really foolish about things. You just be very proud of him, Mrs. Martyn - all his friends are!

Mary Mitchell and I moved in June. We are now nearer town - much handier - and have a very small but very cute house. We have issued a standing invitation to any of the lads to come when they want - and are seldom without someone in our spare beds. We never make a fuss over them - they just come in and look after themselves - and so are enjoying the feel of home.

I have to give up my work at the officer's club in June, as it was a voluntary job and unfortunately I had to get a paying one - as finances were not too "healthy" - I am still with the Canadians and am glad of that but I do miss the club and my contacts there.
Someday I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you - and in the meantime would like you to feel that we will do all we can for Bill when he is here in London.
Please give my best regards to the rest of your family.

Yours sincerely

Gina Murphy