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Date: October 6th 1942
Mrs. Martyn
Mrs. Audrey Niven

1804 Park Road

Oct. 16/42

Dear Mrs. Martyn,

I have just heard that you have received word from Bill after all these months of silence. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am for you as only we mothers who have to go through months of suspense can understand what it means.

Bob has been missing for four months and a half now, and so far we have had no word of anyone seeing him or hearing of him. But we are still hoping that he may have been picked up or made a landing somewhere. It seemed so tragic that it should have happened just when they were expecting their first baby. The baby is two months old today and they say it looks like Bob, so it will be a comfort to her and help to keep her from thinking too much about Bob.

We just hope that some miracle will happen to put a stop to this ghastly war before all our fine boys are taken.

Perhaps they will give Bill leave now to come home - at least we hope so.


Mrs. Audrey Niven