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Date: October 9th 1942

880 Squadron
c/o G.P.O. London

Oct. 6, 1942

Dear Dad:

Not much time for letter writing but here goes. Have a fine lot of pilots in the squadron and the fastest and latest type of fighter - wizard machines.

Hope everything is going fine at home. Last year I think I covered most of the world outside of China and Australia. That last Malta convoy in August was a grand finale.
Ronny must be quite a lad now, wish I could see him. Jean of course I could never recognize.

When I was shot down on the Malta convoy it was the rear gun of a J088, so not my own fault. The fact is that to shoot down a bomber, one must face its fire, especially these days when they are so well armed, i.e. to fire at him you must

50-50 whoever is a better shot or open fire first. In any case, they didn't live to shoot a line about it.

Any possibility of you making some fudge and sending it over? How are you anyway - allowed sweets or is that off for good?
Will try and finish off war soon.



P.S. All my gear lost by enemy action, would appreciate mother knitting me a
white sweater with long sleeves, etc. [censored] . . .everything I have collected gave . . .[censored] gave only one uniform at present until I get more made. No future in this life.

Ha! Ha!