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Date: September 16th 1941

R.A.F. Station
Shetland Islands

Sept. 16, 1941

Dear Mother:

Life in first line again - one suitcase (exaggeration) and 190 miles from the Hun. (Except at times!).

Quite a change from old station down in Somerset - in fact I might just as well be in Iceland.

Jean and Ronny are of course back at school and hard at work.

Received a letter from Keith Staunton who is now at Cranwell saying he had received eleven letters from Jean within the last five weeks. I have perhaps received three from Jean in the last five years!

He wants to meet me in London - but there is no hope of that at present unless something turns up. Keith certainly enjoyed himself at 1608 and thinks Ronny is just about "it."
I would appreciate some chocolate if you could send me a little. The cigarettes are still coming through fairly regularly and I am very thankful.

Met my old observer the other day - Johnny, who was so badly wounded flying with me over France. He is all right now except for a few bits still inside him and is back on the job. We need more men like him.

Nearly all my squadron here were pupils at Fighter School while I was there, so if I did any line shooting I have to prove my words now! Ha! Ha!

What do you want shot down for Christmas, a He.111 or a Ju88?

Lots of love