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Date: September 4th 1941
Mrs. Martyn
Gina Murphy

9 Vernon Court
Hendon Way
London NW2

September 4, 1941

Dear Mrs. Martyn,

Last night I saw Bill of on the train to his new "job" in the north, and I told him I'd write and tell you I had seen him.

He was looking very fit after his months of "instructorship" and seemed very pleased to be going to a more active life. I know how you will hate to have him go back to it, but somehow I can't help feeling that Bill will come through this thing all right. He's a fine pilot from all accounts and not reckless.

I saw some of the lads who were training under Bill lately and they all spoke so well of him - said what a grand person he was and a fine instructor. One of them, on finishing his course, has gone to joint Bill's old ship, the "Ark Royal." I think Bill would have liked to go along with him! This was the first time Bill had been to town since his investiture - about which I wrote you. I don't know if you received that letter - mails are so uncertain these days.

I think I told you in that letter of the old taxi driver we had to take us to the palace. He had been in the navy last war and was very interested in Bill. A couple of weeks ago Mary Mitchell picked up a taxi on the street. It was the same man. He recognized Mary and asked after Bill and told Mary to wish him luck! Wasn't that extraordinary?

Bill has promised to let us know how he is and says he'll probably have time to write home more often! I shall write again when he comes on leave to tell you how he is looking!

With best regards,

Sincerely yours

Gina Murphy