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Date: May 22nd 1941

Cumberland Hotel,
Marble Arch,
London, W.1
Telephone Ambassador 1234.
Telegrams.Cumberosel, London

May 22, 1941

Dear Mother:

Attended Investiture at Buckingham Palace at 10:30 May 20. Quite an important occasion in my life. I was allowed two guests so Mrs. R. Mitchell of Montreal and Gina Murphy came along.

Wonderful experience shaking hands with George VI and receiving D.S.C. from him.
We created quite an impression with the taxi driver when we told him our destination!
I am going back to work today - more instructing at Fleet Fighter School.

Some of my Canuck friends in the R.A.F. certainly have nice jobs. One of them which I have just run across, Graham, has been to the States, travelled all over the place by air in Seattle, etc. and then flown a Flying Fortress back to England. He was on his way back to America yesterday.

I have been very fortunate in taking a course at Central Flying School. It's like taking a It's like taking a Professorship and is a great qualification in the flying world.

Had a terrific party after Investiture - everyone drinking toasts - here's to the next one! Personally I think it's too much like hard work. Ha. Ha.

Lots of Love

(I started to sign my name)