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Date: June 16th 1941


June 16, 1941

Dear Dad:

Cigarettes are now coming through and are much appreciated and how!

Enclosing a picture of all instructors of Fleet Fighter School at work. Please note cheerful, confident look on faces. Also tin helmet of mine hanging on door. That bottom on the table was developed by 400 hours on Ark Royal (Lt. Spurway!)s.c.). Captain Bird, Royal Marines is good looking leather neck. Don't miss Fleet Air Arm picture "A Ship with Wings" - I did most of the flying for it - at least some of it (I'm getting two enthusiastic again!) - a sense of exaggeration I get from father.

I think we have the pick of all the personalities of the F.A.A. here - the wit is terrific - always the merry guys. If you relax in a chair for one moment you go up in a sheet of flame and coloured smoke (usually made of half a very cartridge).

Needless to say, I'm having the time of my life. Sometimes get terribly bored, but not for long.

One of my new pupils, Lt. Medland R.C.N.V.R. is now tearing around the sky like a madman in a CENSORED. Will make a good fighter pilot I hope. He gets a lot of special attention from me, being a Canadian.

I must be getting old - everyone remarks about my which hair, which is coming on every day. Perhaps it will all go after the war. Anyway, it's good to look distinguished. Oh yah!

Must hurry and finish this - bar opens in five minutes. Would like to see Ronny and Jean again - in fact, whole family.



P.S. Thanks again for cigarettes. Please write Ross and think him again for cigs for me.