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Date: October 29th 1941


January 29, 1941

Dear Mother:

Hope everyone is over the measles by now. How undignified for Jean? This pen is lousy so please excuse scratching. My fountain pen, which I did not lose for five years, was left behind in HM Aircraft Carrier Furious when last on board.

Cigarettes have not as yet arrived, but I am looking forward to them. They are terribly expensive here.

Please send pictures of the family next time you write.

As usual, I have little news to give you and can think of nothing to write about. Already I am champing at the bit and anxious to get back to first line fighting.

Had a letter from Ross the other day with congratulations. By the way, I sent a letter of thanks to Harold Thompson for their gift of cigarettes.

Even if I had more leave now I couldn't afford it. Before Christmas I had two fourteen-day leave periods in three months and I really got through the cash thinking each one was my last. In fact during November I got through £120.

Unfortunately I didn't know I was coming to this job near London, so now I am cooling my heels - very rightly! As I told you before, I was the last remaining member of our original squadron pilots. (Reason for a few white hairs!)

How is Ronny enjoying school? Does he still fly aeroplanes about the room? Too bad I'm not home to take Jean out to a few dances. Trust this jitter bug nonsense isn't in force. Very pleased to hear what a competent driver Jean is. We'll get along with the flying lessons when I get back!



P.S. Expect a postcard from Vancouver Dad