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Date: January 28th 1941
Mrs. Martyn
Flormer Reikie

10515 Saskatchewan Drive

Jan. 28, 1941

Dear Mrs. Martyn,

We all are so interested in reading of Bill's success. I cut his picture from the Edmonton Journal sometime ago. Will you please send me his address? Would some extra cigarettes be acceptable or is there something he might like better. Those wonderful boys! What would the world be without them.

Tonight our Minister gave an example in Story about a young boy who had to undergo an operation and held in his hand something which he didn't want to give up to the nurse. When he finally did let go it proved to be a button off his brother's uniform. It made me think of Bill (who is in our minds so much) how he took, by chance, to England his little brother's shoe or stocking, I've forgotten which. By now the little chap will have grown so.

Mrs. Edwards is working every day in the Dept. of Education with her three children in University. Mary will make a good nurse I'm sure. Bill is in second year medicine and really working hard. Bunty has earned her tuition through scholarship. I can hardly picture Jean a grown up girl, but that's what a few years will do. My love to her.

I treasure the days in London spend with Bill, his sense of humor and fine spirit leave such pleasant memories.

God bless you and help your brave heart and Mr. Martyn's through these trying days. May peace soon come from all the dreadful turmoil.

May (Mrs. Edwards) would certainly want to join me in kindest wishes.

Your sincere friend

Flormer Reikie
Mrs. K. M. Reikie
10515 Saskatchewan Drive