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Date: January 1st 1941

R.N. Air Station
Yeovilton Somerset

Jan. 1, 1941

Dear Mother:

Received some letters from home today - latest one from Dad dated Nov. 26. Aunt Ida also wrote and gave me some news - very proud of her boy friend!

Had Christmas to New Years in London - Blitz or no Blitz - many Canadians in town and I had a wizard time. Went to the Mayfair to see New Year in as a guest so didn't cost me anything - thank goodness.

Very little money to spend but Mr. P. Kelly, who runs General Electric over here for Great Britain, put me up at his place - lived in real style.

Doug Cunnington, son of Col. Cunnington of Calgary, was in our party at Mayfair last night.

I hear that Jean is quite a snappy young lady. Saw some Calgary Highlanders in town over Christmas - Boy! I think they'll explode unless we let them loose on the Hun.

Well this letter is certainly and long and boring anecdote.

I got that citation wrong in my wire home - it should have been:
D.S.C. "For continued devotion to duty in operations against enemy forces in Norway" - as a matter of fact I have been there so often I nearly speak the language.

How is Dad these days? Hitting on all cylinders - he tells me that Jean can certainly drive a car - good work.