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Date: November 15th 1940

Cumberland Hotel,
Marble Arch,
London, W.1
Telephone Ambassador 1234.
Telegrams.Cumberosel, London

November 15, 1940

Dear Mother:

I have just finished my Christmas shopping. Miss Gina Murphy came along, and if you find your gift has been chosen with terrific taste, don't blame me. Gina has been having a wonderful time Christmas shopping with Canadian officers over here - says she likes to spend other people's money.

Had dinner last night with the McMurtrys from Montreal who live in Berkeley Square. Hospitality very welcome, especially his fine old "Glen Fiddick" whiskey, which comes from Inverness. Slips down the throat like Glycerine.

Saw the latest March of Time film on the R.A.F. It is very accurate in detail and wonderfully put over.

A chappy has just come in with a broad smile all over his face. "I've just been bombed out of my home - nothing left." God! What spirit.
The F.A.A. exploit at Taranto wasn't too bad, eh? Half Italy's battleship strength. Only sorry that I missed it.

Jean must be a grand girl. Glad to hear that she is such a capable car driver.

We have a Mrs. Ogilvie from Montreal over here in the Motor Transport Corp. Her husband is an officer in a Montreal regiment. She has been to France already - before her husband - still an excellent thing to do as she has a much better chance of seeing her husband.

How is Dad keeping these days? Hope he has lots of work on the road.
I keep getting all the low down on Max Martyn from various people so he will have to treat me respectfully when I meet him some day. I wrote and congratulated him on his marriage and asked for a picture of his wife so I could see for myself.

Unfortunately my fourteen days are up and I must start back on Monday night and take over my grave responsibilities - tsk tsk! I have a flight of twelve aeroplanes to keep going but I must say its an interesting and full time job.

My CO is an absolutely grand chap - plenty of guts - we get along fine. (We both like to drink!)

You should come for a walk in Regents Park with me at night. Lovely - huge AA guns roaring away and Nazi bombers purring across the night sky - now and then a balloon lighted up by a searchlight flicking passed. I was having a drink at one of the various bars in town the other night when a big one landed close by. A little rye highball splashed into my cuff - but no casualties.

Tell Ronny his brother in the Fleet Air Arm will drop a bomb just for him alone one of these days - (a big one!)