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Date: November 9th 1940

Cumberland Hotel,
Marble Arch,
London, W.1
Telephone Ambassador 1234.
Telegrams.Cumberosel, London

November 9, 1940

Dear Mother:

As you will see by the letterhead, I am not working too hard at present! In fact I am having a wonderful time, and as this is Sunday afternoon, I can pause to write a letter.
As you no doubt know - I have shamefully neglected to write many times, but hope you will forgive me.
I am fit and healthy and well able to carry the war into Hitler's territory, which should be good enough.
We hope everyone at 1608 is feeling fine - when are you going to send me pictures of the family. I hear how beautiful you are and how wizard my sister looks, but I have nothing to go on at all.
I take my hat off to the people of London. They go through Hell, but it doesn't even shake them. It's a good thing they are British.
I meet the occasional Canuck who knows Max at Dartmouth N.S.
These Canadian girls over here with the Nursing Services are the smartest lot one could hope to see - grand types.
Most of my old friends are all dead now and I am the only surviving member of my squadron. I miss them all a great deal, but we'll win this war yet.
As an Australian officer said to me last night:
"As long as England stands firmly behind us!" (Such is the conceit of the colonied services.)
I know the boys of the R.A.F. fighter command well - but I know them better now. All the world admires them but not half as much as I who knows what they go up against. Only their superb training and spirit has saved us.