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Date: August 1940


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… to me.
That is Waterton who I trained with at C.F.S. I believe his father is in police at Camrose. I never knew him before. He is a flying officer and joined the R.A.F. after hearing you shoot a line about sonny! (Bloody funny!)

Mother mentions a Weatherall boy who was killed in R.A.F. Yes I trained with him at Reading and R.T.S. - nice fellow from B.C.

Keep sending mail to Yeovilton at present. It will then have a better chance of arriving. Sometimes c/o Admiralty gets mucked up.

My Hurricane is really kept spotless - hope I don't get too many holes in it.

The cigarettes keep coming through quite regularly now and boy! are they appreciated. I get very little time to write, but please thank Uncle Ross for me. He sends some quite often. You would be surprised the number we get through standing by.

My six months second line was a good rest, although I nearly flew myself silly. Still, I lived fairly comfortably.

The new income tax is terrific - instead of £.30 a month, I get docked £9 a month to £21 and uniforms £17 a time now. New uniforms now only have gold lace half way around the sleeve! Down south we were allowed two eggs a month, but up here we eat very well.

Had a letter from Aunt Ida, she says that you look very fit. I do hope you are doing well. I don't want you crawling around on your hands and knees when I get home after the war.

I feel remarkably fit considering I haven't had my teeth into a steak for over ten months - have some for me and tell me the sensation. Willy still weighs 190, so he can't be suffering too much!

Tell Jean she did very well on exams and give my love to all the family. I think of them a great deal.