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Date: March 28th 1940

Fleet Air Arm Section
Royal Air Force Station
Evanton Ross-shire

March 28, 1940

Dear Mother:

Thanks very much for your fourth pair of socks which arrived yesterday. I have plenty to work on now.

A New Zealand pilot out in France now has a total bag of six Nazis. I'd give a lot to be in a fighter squadron in France and utilize my training. Still there may be plenty of opportunity yet. I do hope that I won't be working on the trade routes in a carrier. Terrifically interesting but not my idea of service flying.

No further word has been received about my gear and as yet your Christmas parcels have not arrived! I have received your socks all right, but have had no letter for three weeks. How is the Aberhardt Government? You never tell me how it is getting along. The government still seems to be popular with the people. The Liberals I see had a large majority in the re-election.

I don't know whether you have seen the American "Harvard" Trainer which is used now by the R.A.F. but it is without a doubt the noisiest aircraft I have ever heard. The direct drive aircrew accounts for it. Most of ours have reduction gears fitted. You will soon hear them overhead as there will be plenty in Calgary soon for R.T.S. work.

I play bridge a great deal now and will be able to give you a run for your money when I get home. We play 2d a hundred or 5 cents a hundred which costs money. I simply had to learn to play properly! - and I can say that I now have a pretty fair idea.

Is Dad back from Vancouver? I hope he had a good holiday. We tried to get Easter leave. I especially wanted to see Blatchford and Thomson but we weren't granted an iota (good word). How is Ronny bearing up during the war? All right I hope.

I am doing a lot of instrument flying (blind) on the Link Trainer on rainy or washout days. It is an amazing machine and is more sensitive than actual aircraft, so is excellent for training. Besides, there is no heavy expense of fuel etc. An American holds the patent and every Air Force in the world uses them including Germany. As you probably know, it is a dummy aircraft set up in a room. It goes through all the maneuvers of a real aircraft -works off a system of bellows and even has bumpy air incorporated. It is excellent for practising Lorenz landings. Tell Jean to be a good girl and work hard on exams this year.



P.S. Getting in lots of flying these days.