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Date: March 14th 1939

Fleet Air Arm Section,
Royal Air Force Station,
Evanton, Ross-shire.

March 14, 1940

Dear Father,

Nice office typewriter to operate so I must write a letter. I was just looking over some negatives of more pictures that I had taken in Egypt and I have decided to get them developed and sent home.
Sorry to hear that your health isn't exactly top line but that shouldn't stop you from writing to your soldier son. You are keeping the car serviceable for me at home I hope because I'll need it when I come home on leave in 1945. I took a 50 year old army officer up this morning and he was thrilled to death. I was very easy with him. As I have already told you I took Lieut. Gray who was with the Winnipeg Camerons during the last War up for a short trip. We were thinking of getting our pictures taken and sent to the Winnipeg Free Press to show the two generations at work!
I am hoping to get a little Easter leave and walk around London during the nice Spring weather they must be having down there. Furthermore I might meet more Canadian officers that I know.
It was very kind of Mr. Gordon Neelands to send those socks out for me. They haven't arrived as yet but I expect them any day now. Part of my gear has arrived - mostly the unimportant stuff. No great coat of course but my evening tails were included which is absolutely hopeless. I shall keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. Every time I get into a rage about my gear I think how lucky I am to be able to get into a rage about it and calm down!
I am pretty proud of my typing although I make a few mistakes. Still probably my hands aren't as steady as they should be - No, not too much flying - just too much drink.
Write often - I enjoy your letters very much and they do help to remove the boredom which sometimes overtakes one?