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Date: March 12th 1940

RAF Station
Evanton Ross-shire

March 12, 1940

Dear Mother:

No - your Christmas parcels have not as yet arrived.

Received a letter from Max today from Dartmouth, N.S. He does not think much of fighting a war 3,000 miles away from the scene of operations.
A letter from Dad written on Nov. 3 eventually arrived after being readdressed quite a few times.

It is too bad that you don't live in England so that I could get home on the short leave which we occasionally receive.

Glad to hear business has been so good this year for Dad but sorry to hear of his illness. I certainly hope he can carry on with unabated vigour.

I myself am feeling absolutely top line these days and enjoying my work.
Your last letter to arrive was written on February 22nd and you tell me that Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Neelands are sending me a pair of hand knit socks. I shall certainly write and thank them when the socks arrive.
Your socks appear to wear like iron and are really wizard.
Max tells me that he has had time to become engaged to "the Girl" in Edmonton - Good luck to him.

He must be nearly 27 if my memory isn't at fault.
Yes, you are right. Do not mention the number of my squadron in addressing letters - distinctly bad form!

Thanks for forwarding Aunt Adelene's letter to me.
A couple of us went to a show in Invergordon the other night - rotten hole - but then most of these small places in the wilds of Scotland have very little to say for themselves.

I have received word that my heavy gear is at last on its way and should be here any day now. The great coat, etc. will be very welcome. I thought it wouldn't arrive till summer. I only hope I won't be moving on before it arrives!

The papers are full of peace negotiations between Finland and Russia. By the time you receive this letter we will all know the outcome.

Is Bob still enjoying his work? I hope Jean is working hard and also having a good time at least once a week?

Lots of love


P.S. Write often - I enjoy your letters a lot.