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Date: December 28th 1939

Royal Naval Air Station,

December 28, 1939

Dear Mother:

I have just finished a week's leave in London. That is, on arrival I had four days and a week's work and a week's leave - so back to work.

A letter from Alexandria tells me that your Christmas parcel has been sent, so you should receive it by Easter! (I hope.)

I am including some Egyptian stamps for your collection. Of course I have received no mail from you for months, for reasons well understood, but now that you know I am in England, maybe temporarily at least we should be able to receive some letters.

As you know by my last letter, which will probably arrive with this one, I had a wonderful time in London with officers of the 1st Canadian Division of Active Service Force.

What is the weather doing in Canada? We have snow here today and this damp cold is terrible.

Captain Haszard, Lieut. Thomas and I went to Madam Toussaud's famous wax museum in London.

Haszard (known as Hap) enjoyed the Chamber of Horrors immensely - practically shouting with glee at a picture showing a Chinaman having his head lopped off and the blood still spouting in the air. He'll probably have bad dreams for months.

Unfortunately most of the better shows had their seats completely booked up, but we made up on cinemas and the sipping of high balls.

London was very foggy the whole time, and at night of course completely blacked out. I didn't care for England too much before (lie!) but it is wonderful to get back to a little civilization even if it is a cold one.

No Christmas cards were sent by me this year, so you will have to do without.

Was Santa Claus good to you all. I hope so. At least I had a much happier Christmas than I have had for years.

Happy New Year to Mom, Dad, Bob, Jean, and Ronny.