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Date: July 13th 1940

Royal Naval Air Station
Hatston Kirkwall

July 13, 1940

Dear Dad:

Not much opportunity to write these days so I must lose no opportunity.

I have had no news from home for months, so I don't know how you are all getting along, but I hope for the best. The flying hours in my log book are mounting up and I haven't lost a day through ill health since the war started.

P.S. The only time I walked back was when I brushed up against a German AA gun.
How is Jean looking these days? She must be growing into a swell young lady. Hope to take her dancing after the war.

Often I think how I should like to be home for some real cooking by mother. Quality and quantity was always my aim as regards food. I still fill out the Lieutenant's uniform to the tune of 196 lbs. You can't even see my white hair after a touch of brilliantine!

As I have no doubt told you, I have had five days' leave since Christmas. Of course I should like some more, but we can't have everything.

Only my previous experience has brought me through so far, so I can thank you for that.
I can honestly say that I have done my bit and more and shall continue to do so with every ounce of energy I possess.

Best of love to all the Family