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Date: January 7th 1940

Royal Naval Air Station,
Eastleigh, Southampton.

Eastleigh 87255.

January 7, 1940

Dear Mother:
None of your mail has arrived here yet - but I hope to hear from you soon. It is certainly nice to be back in England - even if it is foggy and wet most of the time.

I must say the old constitution didn't take too kindly to heat and flies and unhealthy life in tents etc. One felt wonderfully fit most of the time, but the old demon used to strike down on me a bit too often out in the Mediterranean.

Although I am only 24, everyone takes me for 28 at least. As a matter of fact I can show more white hair than you did at 40. It's not the hard life, it's the drink! - HO! Ho!

The two heavy bars of gold on my sleeve hang very heavy. Although I am equivalent to a captain in the army (but senior to) "Senior Service: - Gad Sir! I have to put in eight years in my present rank 0 (in peace time at least.) These Canadian officers make me quite jealous with their pay - although it is much the same, their mess expenses are far less. I met a Flight Lieutenant in the R.C.A.F. who is over here who knows Max. He tells me in fact that he is distantly related in some way. I have also met a Wing Commander from the R.C.A.F. - very nice chap.

Somebody is using his electric razor, so my radio reception is marred - good programme, too.

Well! I will say that this Lootenant would like to warm his feet at the festive fire and smoke some of Dad's 5-cent cigars. I was just thinking about that Christmas pudding I missed this year. Ronny tracks a lot of snow and mud into the house these days I'll bet. Have you made any alterations in the home while I have been away?

Is Dad coming over to see me this year, or is all travelling between countries stopped. If he can make it I will see the Admiralty and obtain a posting to an Atlantic Squadron so that I can form a protective air patrol.]

How about more letters from Jean. I have never known a sister to write so little. In fact I have decided to bring home no Hun helmets for her.

Some size 11 1/2 knitted socks - black would be greatly appreciated. Have you the time?