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Date: February 26th 1940

Fleet Air Arm Detachment
RAF Station
Evanton Ross-shire

February 26, 1940

Dear Mother:

I received a gift of Christmas cake from Aunt Adelene today. It was beautifully wrapped in cloth and sewn on so that although it travelled via the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean and back, it arrived in excellent condition.

Canada's first squadron under the S/Lde Van Vliet arrived in England yesterday with the usual cheers, etc. (Sounds like they'll all win the war themselves) (Jealous Bill?)
Needless to say, I haven't got my teeth into anything yet, but I am still hoping.
Spring seems to have arrived - in any case I have got over the flu and feel fine again.
How is Ronny behaving himself these days? You had better send me a picture of the whole crew at 1608 one of these days. I'll soon lose touch.

I'll bet Jean is up on all the latest dance steps. Does she keep up piano lessons these days? I haven't heard anything in this line for some time.

Usual routine all last week, but I had Saturday night off in Inverness, which wasn't too bad.

Would like to get down to London again for some leave.

Write often and keep your shoes dry?