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Date: February 13th 1940


February 13, 1940

Dear Mother:

Thanks for your first letter written to Eastleigh - at least it is the first one addressed to England that I have received.

May I express my surprise that you make no mention of the fact that you were surprised to receive my letter from En Angleterre!

Glad to hear that my Christmas parcel arrived OK! I rather thought Ronny's jacket would get dirty quick when I bought it.

You ask me what an adjutant…

Page 2 is missing

…what position I may hold.

Actually rapid RAF promotion is to ensure that regular officers hold all the key posts. Commissions will be fairly hard to get and will take time because all pilots for the duration must rise through the ranks.

R.C.A.F. pay is very good in the lower brackets of the commissions rising to $7.25 a day for a Flt/Lt plus $50 a month marriage allowance. (For as long as you keep the body together!)

So Dad is staying in Vancouver - I haven't had a post card from him, but no doubt one will arrive soon.
Sorry I can't send some pictures of the new type aircraft which I am now flying for the album.

I'd give a lot to get down to London for some more leave - I always say "all work and no play makes jack ("Bill") a dull boy.

I don't suppose Jean's sweater is proper winter wear, but I am glad to hear it fits.
I have been talking to some of our lads who flew at Halifax a few months ago. Hope to do so myself some day - who knows, Max might buy me a drink.

Well, Mother, my heart pines, or rather my stomach does for some of your pancakes and syrup. A good Canadian home-cooked meal would go a long way not.

If Jean will knit me a nice long scarf which I can wind around my neck a few times, I'll promise to wear it over the high seas. It must be dark so it won't show the dirt. Anything else you would like Will?

I took a flight up the up the whole length of Loch Ness the other day at about four feet up, but we didn't find the monster - incidentally, this was not an operational flight.

Too bad there's a war on. I'd like to get a good look at this wonderful country up here.
My bit of a sore throat keeps hanging on, even if I have had my tonsils out and my throat relined.

Lots of love