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Date: April 23rd 1940
Mrs. Martyn
Amy Barborough

Apt.-18 Burton Lane

April 23rd

Dear Mrs. Martyn

I have just written to Bill so though I would write you also. He was up here with us for a weekend two weeks ago and really I did enjoy the visit and chat about home in Calgary. Saturday we all went by bus to Scarboro, poured with rain all the time, but managed to get a lot of sightseeing done, laden with Macs and umbrellas, and then we went to a show and had dinner and returned home here about 11-0 pm, a good day's outing, and Sunday morning Bill went to the airport near here and came across another R.A.F. man who took him for a ride over York City and then I took him sightseeing. This is an old city from Roman times, so there is lots to see, so really we had a full weekend. I wish you could see Bill. He is a splendid specimen of manhood, very much taller and handsome and a splendid military carriage, you would hardly know him. I was astounded when I saw him, he has altered so. He says it is such strenuous drilling and discipline that has made such a difference. His father will be proud of him - his photos do not do him justice at all. He is very happy indeed and enjoys life to the full extent and with a very good class of men.

He loves England and has got very English, but just wishes he could see you people or you lived here and he is going to save up his money to send you part fare to come over. He talked about you all the time and wished you were here at the weekend. He gets blue when the others go home for their weekend leaves but he is coming here again and I write to him. He is excited about his Calgary friends coming over. Don't worry about him in any way, he is perfectly alright. We are in rooms here for a time until I see what we do. Am expecting my equal half in eight days, so Joan is very excited. She goes to school now, but finds it very difficult, all the lessons are different. We are all very well and so far not had colds in spite of all the rain. The country is beautiful with spring flowers and so very mild, not worn my fur coat for three weeks. Joan wants to stay here always because it is so mild, only she misses her little friends, and English children do not make friends straight away like Joan does, they wait for an intro. When you can will you write me and tell me the news and all about your family. I expect Ronnie will be growing a lot and wanting to get in the garden again. Kind regards to all.

Yours sincerely

Amy Barborough