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Date: January 2nd 1939

Royal Naval Air Station
Eastleigh 87255.

January 2, 1939

Dear Dad:

Your letter of October 23 has been forwarded on to me here and I was very pleased to receive it. You would weep if you knew how much mail has managed to get to me since the outbreak.

I shall be able to sleep well tonight I hope - I did more flying today than I have ever done before in a day.

It's good to hear of Calgary and I will be glad to receive the news of your success this year.

Ronny Thomson writes to me of his Experiences in a fighter squadron. He has had two short leaves of six days each. He tells me that he hasn't seen the enemy yet but his squadron engaged the Huns on both occasions that he had leave!

In their last "do" one pilot got shot in the pants. He takes all his meals standing up now.
The Countess of Bessborough and Vincent Massey (High Commissioner for Canada) had a big show for Canadians at Grosvenor House on the 30th of December. Unfortunately I was unable to attend. As you already know, we must wear uniform the whole time, so my civilian wardrobe gets little use. Probably by the time the war is over it will all be out of date, if the moths don't get it first.

Ronny Thomson of whom I speak is a New Zealander and one of my course on fighters at F.T.S. Remember:
Graaptra - F.T. Wm. Canada
Hoare - Eng.
Ferris (killed) Eng.
Thomson - N.Z.
Robinson - Australian - (now C.F.S. instructor)
Squadron Leader Barwell - our first war air ace has been promoted to Wing Commander. He is a deadly shot and has the necessary dash and sureness required.

Well here's hoping I will see you all soon.