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Date: October 26th 1943

Oct 26/10/43

Dear Mother: -

Well here I am again trying to write another letter. I guess maybe I didn't tell you that I was back from leave in my last letter. I write you a letter while on leave so you will get this one before it arrives. I had a [?] time. We went dancing in the afternoon [?]. I haven't met a girl that I would be [?] so you can tell [?] not to worry. [?] very nice to and I get quite a few [?] brought in a beer once in a while. I [?] what when I go home to a beer [?] because they [?] just about anything in them from playing poker to [?]. it seems to be the favourite sport at night to play darts and play poker. I am getting pretty good at darts so I will have to get a dartboard when I get back. You see old women [??????]



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Original Scans