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Date: July 31st 1918
Gordon DeGear


July 31/18

Dear Mother.

Received your letter dated June 30th a couple of days ago which makes about the fourth Canadian mail in the past five weeks. Had a letter from Aunt Mabel yesterday dated the 23rd and was not sure then when they would be likely to leave so wrote yesterday taking a chance of its getting there before they left. I am still in the rest station waiting for the A.D.M S. or something like that. I do not feel too bad at times although have been on diet for a quite a while now but it still stays with me so no doubt it will start to go worse if I were to be taken off of it. I could not get any writing material for a long time but now I have all kinds of it which should last me for quite a while. Aunty has sent me three pads & envelopes lately and now that I have lots can get all kinds of it now. Gosh but it has been hot lately and the heat takes all the starch right out of me. The last letter I had from one of my Winnipeg friends tells me that her brother has been Killed and as she had been home looking after her mother said she could not get settled down to write. The last parcel from Aunty she sent me a tin of butter that she had left over when she closed up the house and it was jolly good too. Have not had any word from Gordon for a couple of weeks and it is a long time now since I heard from Andrew. The war news has been looking good for a couple of weeks now and hope it will continue to do so and let us get back but do not think that I will be able to do much to help win it if I still keep the same from now on. I cannot think of anything today so will close now with love to all

Your loving son


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