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Date: November 12th 1918

British Army & Navy Leave Club Paris, France
November 12th 1918

My Dear Mother:

Am leaving here today for my unit as my leave is now at an end. Have not written you for some time but it has been hard to settle down to letter writing. My last letter I think was sent you by Eliz or possibly I wrote one from here. I am not sure. You will have heard the good news that the Armistice has been signed which is at least the beginning of the end if not the end. Anyway it is being celebrated as the end here. Yesterday Paris was crazy with joy and streets were impassable for people. Today is going to be almost as bad. Flags are to be seen everywhere. The French way of showing their joy is to kiss everyone and few people escaped it yesterday. Of course the soldiers came in for their share. Parades were innumerable and I was in one of British soldiers headed by the Horse Guards Band but it was impossible to get through the crowd and the Band did not have a chance to walk let alone play. It was simply a mob all day long. Of course it is a great event and no doubt celebrations will be numerous in Canada as well.

It is certainly strange to be going up the line at such a time as this when the guns will be silent.

Have sent you on a book of postcards and also a Photo we had taken on Saturday on a trip to the Palace at Versailles where the Peace Conference is expected to be held. The last week up to Saturday it was raining practically all the time but has been fine since.

This is all I have time to write now. Will not have another chance to write until I get back to the Battery.

Love to all

P.S. I sent you a small parcel that Eliz gave me and I trust you got it O.K. via Registered Post.

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