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Date: July 21st 1918

Roclincourt France
July 21st 1918

My Dear Sister:

Pleased to receive your letter of June 15th about a week ago so will now answer it etc. No doubt you have seen some of the letters I have written home while at the camp, and if so, you will have received most of the news concerning me. Of course by this time your holiday will be over and you will either be back at the hospital or in your new position if you accepted it. Anyway I hope you enjoyed your vacation and I am sure you would feel much better after the rest.

Note what you say about Roy and apparently he was pretty sick for a while. I have heard of the complaint but hardly think he would get it at the Armouries although it is possible. It is very seldom seen over here, or at least I have not seen any cases although the infantry may bet it sometimes.

The Doctor made you a fair offer although I would not consider it much, if any, better than what you have except you would doubtless stand a better chance for more with him after you get accustomed with the work. You did quite right in making sure of your holidays first anyway, as it would not be nice to miss them. Am surprised you have lost so much weight and you must almost be the lightweight now.

Elizabeth is certainly having quite a time. She did not tell me about passing her Exam. I guess she forgot and I am glad she passed so well. Many thanks for the snap you enclosed. It is good, and as always, interesting. Did not make out the party who moved until I made a close inspection.

So Bob is still in Toronto. It will do well to stay there if he has a good job, as he will find quite a difference on this side.

We have been doing very well as we have been in a fairly good place although not as comfortable as the roomy cellars we used to have. During the last few days have made still another shift although it is within sight of the place we left. Our billets are more on the surface but very good all the same. Am again on office work and on duty every other day. The news has been good the last few days and will show the enemy he cannot have things all his own way. My last letter was to Father dated the 18th so you might forward this after you read it please.

We are having more or less hot weather mixed with occassional showers, but on the whole it is very good as we have only had a little extreme heat.

Suppose you had to register too? Do not know what they are going to do with it. Have you had any influenza? This is Sunday again and for a wonder I came off duty at 10AM. I seem to be on duty most of the Sundays.

Well, I guess this is all for this time so will conclude.

Your brother

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