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Date: May 8th 1900

South Africa

May 8th 1900

Dear Mother

I am getting a few days rest all the column is halted about 10 miles from Winburg on the road to Cronstadt I am well & hearty the greenies have caught up that is the [?] a nice lot of boys keen for fight they will get enough weather fine everything going on very nice dont know when we move liable at any moment wish the thing was over

Just a chance mail going out so have to hurry I have no fresh news only I have been [portions missing] through nine engagements since we left Bloemfontein had it pretty nasty one day they shelled us pretty good made things interesting but shells no good dont burst very good not like the British that is the medicine for to [?] pork dont like on the swineette [?] nasty music but to go through to [?] finish or as far [?] we are kneeded [?] racket cannot [?] much longer they are getting hammered up all sides well I hope you are all well & happy I have no news so goodbye to all Noble