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Date: May 5th 1900

South Africa

May 5th 1900

Dear Brother

We arrived here all safe & sound we marched 16 miles today & for a wonder we had no scrap but we move on in the morning and nobody knows what we may run up against I am all right so far at night I feel a little tired but always ready for my grub meals at all hours is our shingle the Boers are Treking North toward Cronstad that is where Steyn has moved his government & he is going to get a great shaking up there in a few days it will take us seven days to reach there and a few scraps between here & there things are getting a little lively Just now anybody that likes scrapping this is the country for it at present but it is to be hoped that it will soon be over for I am sick & tired of it, the Oranges & dates & figs are just getting ripe but we never get a chance to get any as we are not allowed away from the Regt when in camp as all personal property has to be respected no plundering allowed and it is right well to keep your ears & eyes open about the 24 of May and you will hear something yes even before you get this well that is all the news I have I am enjoying the best of health and hope you all at home the same so good bye love to all


The Boast of Kruger

England has declared
The Transval once again
But no Englishman shall ever cross the Vaal
For we will show the Britishers
What sort of men we are
To keep our independence in Transval.


Transval has the sons
Joubert has the guns
No Englishman shall ever cross the Vaal
For we will show the British Queen
We fight for liberty an Mien
To keep our independence in Transval.

England can boast
Of her great toasts
But shell have to send some
Better heroes here
She can talk about Sangs Nek
When she lost the Union Jack
But shell never be the ruler of Transval.

For [?] Sang [?] write a parody on this called Kruger's lament

get a time of your own I wont send you any of mine for you would only get mixed up you know

Good Bye