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Date: April 20th 1900
Maggie (Sister)

April 20th

Dear Sister Maggie

How did your concert turn out. get up one Just when I arrive at home & I will give you a little start on S.A. and the being quite a curio people will come to hear a darky song and you & I will give them a duet or a solo what ever you think best I am going railroading in a couple of days so if a smash up of disease leaves me alone I will be at home before long there was quite a few volunteered from our Batt I am going firing. still address my letters the same I will get them. we have dandy weather here at present sickness is not so bad amongst the boys as it was. the war will soon be over I hope. Gen. Buller give the Boers an awful smashing the other day give it to them worse than ever Just got the news no details until later and yet will be unconditional surrender & that means their country and submission to British rule or get out well things coming to look brighter but sometimes to much so I hope they put me on the line down near Cape Town there is not much to do around here fighting around here is a thing of the past an occasional wandering band is run in and put in [?] there is nothing that makes me flinch like the Pom Pom gun & that makes your hair raise & cold shivers run down your back I am trying to get young will some queer things to send him well I have no news only I am well & have a good appetite I am going to get my picture taken here so you will have one in month & half

good bye Noble