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Date: April 20th 1900


April 20th 1900

Dear Sister I am sending you a line & I dont know what to write about everything is Just the same I have Just completed my six months enlistment today this is the day we were to have our discharge in Canada but we will hardly get it for four or five yet I am going on the road so I will be dear of form fours and military discipline we are getting good pay for it I dont know Just what it will be and I can leave it anytime you may see me home in three or four months or when the Batt goes I go too and I will have lots of drink & better grub by far than I am getting guess Joe can play the hornpipes [portions of letter missing]

as ever Willie always was lots of news they easily [?] as I go into detail I am [?] you are at home for [?] Maggie will be company [?] one another it was pretty [?] for Maggie when you [?] away do you look like [?] squaw now after being among them so long I am as black as a coon I was sentry the other night and had lots of fun looking at nigs naked dancing the can can and they could do it right they are a hard group wear very little clothes some none at all well I will close with love to all Noble