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Date: April 17th 1900
Maggie (Sister)



April 17th 1900

Dear Sister Maggie

I received your very welcome letter glad to hear of all being well well Maggie I have written to everybody including yourself and I have no news for anybody as we never get any news until it comes in the Canadian papers and then it is a month to six weeks old we never hear anything out here all news suppressed by the military as martial law prevails all over the country a Civilian has got to have a pass to walk about any-place & everybody in the

[part of letter missing]

some good news we are issued out with new clothing all through but oh the bugs when we lay down to sleep they will pull the blankets off you & tackle us & you bet they know all the bugle calls when lights out sounds you can see them coming to the attack with advanced scouts and a flank [?] bring line out in extended order and then the change you begin to scratch and when you strike a match they disappear well Maggie I wish I was at home but it may not be long before I am there to take you to the conversat is that the name no more news so love to all good bye