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Date: July 2nd 1900


July 2nd 1900


Dear Brother I am going to drop you a line hope you are well hear good reports of everything & of some of the youngsters are getting made two into one which will soon be three good for Spring mount how does the Cousin's peggy & Mary like Ontario tell Maggie if she leaves before I see her she may look out for squalls, I am bringing you home a full dress suit belonging to a Basuts Negro it is a dandy I can carry it in my great coat pocket quite airy but perfectly harmless and leaves you quite safe in ladies Company did Mother get them squash seed I sent her [page torn]

you would not take a pound for them. how does Bob duma intend to live he will starve I hope to soon be on the way for home going on nine months since we left seems like 10 years I have never heard a word from Dayton Hammond I met lots of Mounted canadians but none of them knows him is he in the artillery or Mounted Infantry I will be on my way home before you get this unless somethings goes wrong pretty soon I have no news never hear any dont know where our own troops are & what they are doing its Just like Jail give my best respects to all & hope Harry Gord wins the Post Office so good bye love to all