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Date: May 14th 1900


May 14, 1900
Dear Mother,

I am now at the place where Mr. Steyn moved his government and he shifted his seat in a hurry made very little resistance I think the racket will soon be over I hope it will. We were reviewed by Lord Roberts today our numbers are coming down we are 400 strong in the field expect to move on towards the Vaal river in the morning it is about 40 miles from here expect enemy to make a start there had a scrap at sand river they had grand position but they run the fight [line of letter missing] them they won't stand for their [?] the free state is pretty well done up & Gen. Buller is in the Trans Val doing good work expect War to be pretty well done by the last of the month & I hope it will am sick of it well I am well and feel good faring better than I did on the Paraberg trip only been put on three quarter rations and what we forage for wefare fine [?] add [?] once & a while the weather is fine & dry not too hot & Just cool enough for comfort I hear no news from the outside world so I have none to send so give my best respects to all so I will close with love to all.