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Date: April 17th 1900
Nobel Jones



April 17th 1900

Dear Mother,

I am well and feeling good this climate has not done me any harm up to the present my feet are fine well it seems as if the raining season has set in in earnest but we are quite comfortable so far get wet once in a while when doing outpost or sentry but that dont come more than once a week we buried another Toronto lad this morning I tell you it seems harder to attend one of these funerals more solem than to bury a dozen lads killed in a fight you expect some to go render with a bullet but harder with fever well how are you all anyway we are having B&C Coy's expect to have some fun, our Baboon broke loose made for the coon quarters you should see the Nigs scatter. J[?] makes lots of fun no news of fresh regiments or any fights only a few skirmishes there is a report to the affect that we go no further if we dont we do no more fighting & I have good reasons to believe it to be true as our divisional general Brigade Colonel & Brigade Major have been taken away and placed in General Gatereer's place as he is being retired so I guess we are for the line of communication or garrison duty well I am well and hearty no more news so I will close hoping to see you before long good bye with love to all.