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Date: March 30th 1900
Nobel Jones


Not to be given to the printers on any conditions by order

March 30th 1900


Dear bother I am writing you a line or two as I have nothing better to occupy my time well we are to pass a medical exam tomorrow and what for I will let you know you know later on as I intend to write every day while we are here. there is no news Just the same old song only we are having a grand old time all we can eat & drink but for all there is an awful lot of sickness in the regiment enterrie fever or typhoid direa is very bad I think the water has something to do with it & a lot of bad water that was drank on the march I dont think our Batt will go any further up country and I will not be sorry the sick are getting the best of care it could not be better the Colonel is looking after his men well he deserves great praise for the great trouble he is going to always on the move I have a great deal more confidence in him than I had when on board ship I suppose you seen when I got covered all over with soup when doing orderly well I was not the only greasy there well tell Billy Marshall that his curry comb Just arrived in time as the creepers was getting too much for me I am gaining in flesh since we arrived here and getting a rest I have a great appetite and I get all I can handle we buy a few extras but you bet war prices are here a shilling for a lb of sugar a shilling for a loaf of bread and it is nothing like the home bread we are having grand weather here Just now I am not going to close until after medical inspection and then you will know what word to send you I have some free state stamps that I am sending you they are marked V.R.I by the British authorities so that we can use them but I think that if I used them on a letter somebody would tear them off so I will put them inside so I will quit for now until after inspection

well Joe I guess I had better finish this letter as I cannot say when inspection will be over I got some more this morning so I will send you quite a few well all our wounded have gone to England that looks like home we have about four hundred & eighty men available for duty so you may bet we have seen some service we have had it Just the same as the rest of the Regiments Joe dont put too much of my letters in print as they are liable to come back in the papers and that is what I dont want I dont want my name in print at all if I can help it Just tell them a few things be anse they lied about sending me the times and you bet I am not going to give them news from S.A. when they would not send me word from home if they sent the times I would have it before this for other lads