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Date: February 10th 1900
Joe (Brother)
Nobel Jones


South Africa

Feb 10th


Dear Brother I am Just off a Regt fatigue and have time for a few lines everything is Just the same hot and dry I will write Just as soon as I get word to move and let you know where we move to and if there is any fighting to be done I expect the second contingent got a royal send off they cannot get better than we did and when they are here as long as we are they will feel like getting home and looking eagerly for the word to move for home you will have to excuse dirt and scribble for I am writing on the top of my mess tin well word Just came in we move forward we are brigaded in the 17th brigade Sixth division that means the 3rd fighting line and we are in the reserves so that means no fighting unless the fight becomes very serious so none of us will get hurt unless by accident or by a flank movement and that is very unlikely for the Boer has great objection to fight in the open I hope we do move now we have been at Belmont 8 weeks and that is long enough in one place the commanders are using us very good we get enough to eat & rink & wear what more does a man want on an expedition like this money is no good if you spend [words missing] you pay two prices for [words missing] such as Jam canned [words missing] and other trash that [words missing] one more harm than [words missing] direa is a bad disease [words missing] & enterric fever are the [words missing] to contend with and [words missing] very little of that [words missing] the amount of men [words missing] the death rool is very [words missing] there are about 140 guns [words missing] the Modder now from 15 [words missing] up to big siege guns the [words missing] are the smallest ones[words missing] going to catch hell [words missing] and the sooner the better [words missing] afraid they wont stand for the bayonet this is their last place for Kruger to make a determined stand and if they dont there will be some of the boys go under it will be a sharp one you hear more correct war news than I do we hear practically nothing and what we do hear I dont believe all press news is suppressed and it should be for it does more harm than good there is one thing I dont want to go home with a bare assed medal I want a bar if is to be had and if we cross the Modder river fight or no we get a bar it is not fight I am after it is the bar no more to say only I am well so good bye love to all